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Release The Sound

Seam of Gold - coming soon!

AVAILABLE SOON: This CD is a collection of improvisations from Epiphany’s musicians recorded remotely during the 2020/21 covid lockdown. The music we created is a musical record of the challenging journey we’ve all faced during lockdown: confusion, isolation, frustration and loneliness, but also of finding unexpected light in dark places and hope for the future.

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Audio samples from Seam of Gold - coming soon!:

Track 1: Improvisation from Afar

Track 4: Dreamtime

Track 8: Fragile

Release The Sound

Into the Deep

At the end of our concerts the musicians in Epiphany move out amongst the audience to play an improvised 'blessing'. This is a very immersive and moving experience for our listeners. In response to many requests to record these blessings, we have recorded this CD of meditative music including three improvised pieces and 2 beautiful classical pieces. Our hope is that this album recaptures something of that experience which so many have enjoyed at our concerts. CD is £10 (free postage in the UK)

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Audio samples from Into the Deep:

Track 1: Into the Deep

Track 3: Your Name

Track 13: Compassion

Release The Sound

Classics at Christmas Live

AVAILABLE NOW! Classics at Christmas Live was recorded at Epiphany’s annual Christmas concerts at St George’s Church in Poynton. These concerts have become a highlight for the capacity audience who attend each year, with a wonderful mix of light classics and joyful Christmas music. CD is £10 (free postage in the UK)

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Audio samples from Classics at Christmas Live:

Track 5: Christmas Scenes

Tracks 2-4: Bach Oboe & Violin Concerto

Track 9: Miss Johnston - a Celtic Reel

Release The Sound

Release The Sound!

'Release the Sound' was recorded in 2011 when Epiphany's musicians gathered at a church in Salford with the desire to 'capture' some of the sounds and expressions that have become the hallmark of many of the events we've put on. Nearly all the music on this CD was completely spontaneous and fully improvised at the time of recording. CD is £6 (free postage in the UK)

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Audio samples from Release The Sound!:

Track 12: 'Meditation from Thais' by Massenet

Track 4: Storm Clouds

Track 9: Triptych - Scenes from Life

Release The Sound

Portraits Live

'Portraits Live' was recorded during the RHS Flower Show at Hampton Court during the summer of 2013 using 'silent' wireless instruments. For those who requested it, we offered to play an improvised personal 'Sound Portrait'. The music on this CD is our unique and inspired impression of individual people, reflecting, we hope, some of their character, personality and emotions. CD is £6 (free postage in the UK)

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Audio samples from Portraits Live:

Track 1: Inner Space

Track 3: Bazaar

Track 8: The Pursuit of Dreams

Release The Sound

Requiem for the Earth

Composed by Linda Entwistle, and orchestrated by Peter Richards, 'Requiem for the Earth' is a large-scale piece with full orchestra, rhythm section, choir and Linda Entwistle as soloist. This work is full of beautiful melodies and is an enjoyable mixture or classical and contemporary music. It looks at the crisis facing our world but carries an overall message of hope as the story ends with renewal. CD is £6 (free postage in the UK)

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Audio samples from Requiem for the Earth:

Track 4: They live and die

Track 17: So Today

Track 12: Sanctus


More videos of Epiphany are available on their YouTube Channel here.

Fragile - an improvisation

Fragile. An improvisation played by two Epiphany members: Linda Entwistle on keyboard and Richard Williamson on viola. This Covid pandemic has had a huge toll on so many people, particularly frontline NHS staff, but also many others of us as we’ve suffered from bereavement, isolation, separation from our families, loss of work and so on. Our hope is that this piece will speak to the fragility of life at the moment, but also bring some hope as we look to the future.

A Lament for COVID

A Lament for COVID. In response to the pain and devastation of COVID, this is a lament for lives lost, dreams shattered, the trauma for NHS workers, teachers and other key workers, loss of human contact, separated families and the loneliness of isolation. The central section speaks of memories of better times and hope to come.

Classics at Christmas online Dec 2020

During the Covid lockdown, we've put together an online version of our ever-popular 'Classics at Christmas' concert. Introduced by Richard Williamson, this is a highlights video from Epiphany's Classics at Christmas concerts over the last 5 years. including music by William Boyce, Haydn and Albinoni as well as several Christmas delights and a final improvised 'blessing'. The main concert starts 15 minutes in the video.

Music Across Borders: Epiphany in Vietnam

Music Across Borders: Epiphany in Vietnam. In October/November 2018, members of Epiphany travelled to Vietnam for a week-long collaboration with young Vietnamese pianist, Trang Trinh. This documentary is the story of that trip.

Improvisation from afar - 'Voice in the Storm'

Improvisation from afar - 'Voice in the Storm'. Improvised from our various homes around the UK during the 2020 lockdown! Epiphany musicians: Nigel Cameron (Irish Whistles & percussion), Julie Cameron-Hall (violin & vocals), Linda Entwistle (keyboard), Richard Williamson (viola) and Dave Hart (flute).

Improvisation from afar - 'Dreamtime'

Improvisation from afar - 'Dreamtime'. Improvised/composed from our various homes around the UK during the 2020 lockdown! Epiphany musicians: Andrew Whettam (marimba), Shirley Richards (violin), Richard Williamson (viola), Susan Williamson (viola), Rebecca Whettam (cello), Peter Richards (French Horn) and Dave Hart (wind synthesizer). Additional video material from (used by permission)

Improvisation from afar - 'The Journey'

An improvisation recorded individually in our homes during the 2020 lockdown. Epiphany musicians: Richard Williamson (viola), Dave Hart (wind synthesizer), Nigel Cameron (percussion/Irish whistles), Julie Cameron-Hall (violin), Linda Entwistle (keyboard) and Corinne Frost (cello) . Additional video material from (used by permission)

The Journey - a dancer responds

Epiphany asked professional dancer Adam Gain to perform a live response in dance to our latest Improvisation. Adam writes: I pictured trees dripping with rain, ripples in water and the wind rushing past. After a hike around Lake Buttermere in the Lake District, I arrived just after sunset and as I started to play the music at about 10pm, the light fell, the rain set in and the wind picked up. The music felt like it belonged to that environment and I was part of the setting too.

The Journey - an artist responds

Epiphany asked artist Faith Heath to create a live visual response to our latest Improvisation from afar: 'The Journey'. This is the result. Faith writes about her experience of creating the painting: The Journey spoke to me about the highs and lows of what we experience in life. Moments and pockets of time where we feel elation and joy and then others where we feel surrounded and unsure. For me, the piece also symbolises the echo of creation as a continuing journeying through time and space.

In the Time of Pandemic

In the Time of Pandemic is based on a poem by US poet Kitty O'Meara (used by permission) which she wrote at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. We have added music from Epiphany's album 'Into the Deep' and video material is by (used by permission)

I Lift my Eyes to the Hills

I Lift my Eyes to the Hills (scenes from the Himalayas in Nepal). This video is based on spontaneous improvisations performed by Epiphany recorded live in Wells Cathedral Chapter House at the end of January 2020. The ambient sound is the natural acoustic of the Chapter House. Video material by David Williamson.

Miss Johnston - a Celtic reel

Miss Johnston - a Celtic reel performed by Epiphany at their Classics at Christmas concert Dec 2017. This performance features on our 'Classics at Christmas Live' CD released Nov 2019.

Bach Oboe & Violin Concerto

Bach Oboe & Violin Concerto in Dm performed at a Classics at Christmas concert in December 2018. This performance features on our 'Classics at Christmas Live' CD released Nov 2019.

Epiphany Sound Portraits in Newton Heath

In November 2016 Epiphany were privileged to play improvised Sound Portraits in Newton Heath library for members of the public visiting the library. Newton Heath is a disadvantaged community in East Manchester.

Epiphany at Manchester Art Gallery

Epiphany playing Sound Portraits at Manchester Art Gallery April 2014

A Conversation

A conversation between Richard Williamson from Epiphany and artist Naomi Kendrick

Vivaldi 4 violin concerto

Vivaldi 4 violin concerto performed by Epiphany at their Classics at Christmas concert Dec 2017

Into the Deep promo

A short promotional video showing some behind the scenes footage of the recording of 'Into the Deep', including some interviews with Epiphany members.

Classics at Christmas Live promo

Promo video for Epiphany's new CD for Christmas which Is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase from the media page on our website.

Requiem for the Earth

'Requiem for the Earth', written by Linda Entwistle, was released in 2016. Here Linda chats about the inspiration behind this recording.