Booking Epiphany

Would you benefit from an Epiphany event? Please get in touch with us via our contact page if you’d like to discuss possibilities with us. Here are some ideas of what we can offer:

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Sound Portraits

A new and creative way to interact with people

Open up your local community centre and invite people to come and have their characters painted in music. We can even record people’s individual sound portraits on a CD for them!

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Classical Concerts

Classical Concerts

With a difference!

We give classical music concerts to suit a variety of audiences, including a wide range of musical styles including orchestral and chamber music, light classical and various jazz and contemporary/cross-cultural items, incorporating improvisations.

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Interactive and inspirational sessions for everyone

Taking its name from the idea of Happenings in the 60’s where people used to get together with no agenda to ‘see what might happen’. This is an opportunity to break the mould of formal events, to encourage interaction between one another, to stimulate ideas and encourage new insights.

Chill Out Session

Chill-out Sessions

(Or ‘Inspire’ sessions)

This would usually last for about an hour to an hour and a half, normally during early evening. Invite people to come and sit on comfy chairs or bean bags after a hard day’s work, close their eyes and unwind, whilst we play – usually calming improvised music mixed with light classics.


Leadership workshops for businesses

A fresh way of modelling how to work together in leadership teams

Are you looking for new ideas to stimulate communication and ideas within your leadership teams? Improvisation provides a completely new perspective on how to work together more effectively.

Community Project

Creative community events

We are available to play light classical music in cafes, pubs, eating places, playing set pieces of music, improvising or offering sound portraits. (Epiphany has already played in a number of public spaces, including town centres, art galleries, the RHS Flower Show and the Ideal Home Show in London).

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Would you like to put on a Sound Portrait party? Invite your friends along to have a unique experience of having their picture painted in sound!

Education Event

Education events

Epiphany have been involved in a number of education projects. We have put on workshops in Primary Schools, where we talk about our instruments and given the children an opportunity to try them for themselves. We've also worked in special needs schools using our music to bring life and hope to young people. If you'd like to know more or discuss ideas with us, please feel free to get in touch with us via the contact page on this website.

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